Investing in Technologies that Change the World

Playground is an early-stage investment firm that’s built to help brilliant entrepreneurs bring bold technical visions to life. We invest in ambitious people and ideas at the forefront of science and technology.

Experience in Play

Playground Global supports frontier technology companies that are poised to change our world. We are a collaborative team of operators and technologists who go “all in” to help founder teams turn brilliant ideas into transformational companies.

The deep work we do with technical founders creates a flywheel, leading to future investments that benefit from this insider knowledge.

Playground’s thought leadership in future and foundational computational platforms creates opportunities for subsequent investments in ancillary spaces such as artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, digital infrastructure, and life sciences.

Where We Play Best

  • Next-Gen Compute

  • Decarbonization

  • Enterprise AI/ Industrial Automation

  • Life Sciences

  • Infrastructure

Playground invests in companies developing technologies within next-gen compute, enterprise AI/industrial automation, life sciences, and more. Our investments make an impact on aerospace, logistics, decarbonization, health/longevity, and many other influential sectors.

Playground typically leads investments in Seed, Series A, and Series B companies. Initial investments range from $3M to $15M. In return for leaning into technical risk, we seek material ownership, aligning ourselves as the founding team’s first call.