Technologists. Thesis-Builders. Doers.

We are scientists, engineers, operators, and designers who know how to execute and scale at every stage of a business. Our collaborations with world leaders in our fields give us insights to see around the next corner.

When we’re not publishing papers on AI, earning PhDs in pharmacology and bio-engineering, or filing for patents, we’re building transformative companies that deliver outsized returns and make positive impacts on society.

  • Peter Barrett

    General Partner

  • Jory Bell

    General Partner

  • Taggart Bonham

    Venture Analyst

  • Victoria Chernow

    Venture Associate

  • Justin Ernest

    Venture Associate

  • Matt Hershenson

    General Partner

  • Benjamin Kim

    Senior Venture Associate

  • Bruce Leak

    General Partner

  • Sasha Ostojic

    Venture Partner

  • Richard Peretz

    Venture Partner

  • Nishant Singh

    Venture Analyst

  • Victoria Sun

    Venture Principal

  • Phyllis Whiteley

    Venture Partner

  • Laurie Yoler

    General Partner

  • Iris Yan

    Venture Associate Intern

Technical Team

  • Richard Becker

    Prototype Machinist

  • Gabby Halberg

    UX Software Engineer

  • George Ketigian


  • Clinton Lazzari

    Operating Partner

  • Anh Nguyen

    Design Director

  • Hoang Nguyen

    Design Director

  • Guocong Song

    Data Scientist

  • Shinya Suzuki

    Embedded System (HW & SW) Designer

  • Daniel Yum

    Principal Software Engineer

Platform Team

  • Allison Braley

    Operating Partner

  • Sylvia Donohoe

    Head of Programs

  • Pegah Ebrahimi


  • Marissa Huang

    Head of Talent

  • Alex Mack

    Communications Manager

  • Michael Nuñez

    Senior Marketing Manager, Content Strategy

  • Kendra Perlitz

    Operating Partner

  • Robin Quattlebaum

    Talent Lead

  • Akim Richards

    Talent Associate

  • Faith Petrie

    Talent Apprentice

  • Melissa Tam

    Talent Apprentice

Operations Team